what’s it about

Hi folks!

Welcome and thanks that you call by to my photo project! Just let me explain in short what this site is about:

As I recently walked down the streets of my hometown, I made a strange observation. There were so many different kind of people around me that I was unsure about where I was. I was looking at all different kind of ethnie and origin living here in ‚PEEEEEP‘ (the name of the town I live will remain a secret – at least for a while…)

Hey man, this could be Lima, Toronto, Rome, Singapur, Johannesbourg or Damascus…

…I was thinking to myself. Isn’t it amazing that so many different cultures are living just next door to me?

I noticed also that I cannot stop my mind guessing about the cultural background of the passengers I met daily. And often I wondered how he / she feels about living among us as part of this society. What if I would live in their country, how would I feel? Would I feel save, respected, encouraged, welcome, free?

So my idea was born to express these thoughts visually and take a series of portraits. So much different people living just 2 minutes away! I want to create a series of people of different background, but all living next to my door in my place (approximating 15 miles). And you would not be able to tell where we live here. Isn’t that fascinating?

So I wanted to create a photographic portrait of my hometown that – on the other hand – could have been created in any city around the world and anywhere else or during a journey around this planet.

If you like this idea, get part of it and share 🙂 thanks a bunch and enjoy my portrait of this place I accidentally live.

Cheers Martin.