Bahau Lyn

  1. For how long do you live in this area?
    In March I will be here for 1 year. But I came to this country in 2007. First I took some language courses and later got graduated as nurse. After some years I moved to the south where I live till now.
  2. Where are you from?
    I was born in Cameroon, Central Africa. I came to this country because other members of my family moved to this place before me. We were spread all over the country, but since last year we live close to each other.
  3. What do you esteem the most concerning your culture and origin?
    In Cameroon, we have a very wide range of traditional cultures. There are over 320 dialects and if your boyfriend comes from another village, it means that he is used to another meal, speaks another language and wears other clothing. I can make jokes in my own dialect while my boyfriend doesn’t understand anything. If I want to speak with a fellow from another village, we use english or french.
  4. If you could choose freely – where would you live?
    … in the world? I would prefer Canada, Germany or Switzerland.
  5. …your most important fellow(s)?
    Its my family, God, my boyfriend and my best girlfriend
  6. What does your cultural background mean to you personally?
    My cultural background knows a lot of traditional rules, symbols and ceremonies. Some of them are important, others are not. If you don’t believe in it, it gets worthless. Since I am out of Cameroon, I loose contact even more. Nowadays, my believe in God is more important for myself.
  7. Do you want to share some thoughts about living in a world of different backgrounds and cultures, i.e. anything you have learned about it?
    I believe traveling means learning. The mor you travel the more you live in different settings. With the time you have the wisdom to handle certain situations if you come into. The beginning somewhere is never easy. You must have a focus and believe in yourself – that you can make it. Live is full of ups and downs, it is the end that matters.


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