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Some people complain about numerous refugees coming to our country these days. For sure, in the future our country will be different compared to the past.

Yes, there are a lot of fears and we mostly don’t know how to deal with an uncertain future and the confrontation with unknown cultural backgrounds. Will we be able to live free and without harm? >>

>> In fact no age had less migration around the globe than ours. And some of the most powerful innovations today were inspired by multicultural exchange and background.

What about your preconceptions against other cultural backgrounds?
In my hometown I met some people who obviously were from another origin. I found it less dangerous to speak to them than not to do so.

So I wanted to learn more about their lifes and I asked them if I could take their portrait and if they would answer a few simple questions about their home, origin and identity.

If you want to explore how people can live together facing very different convictions… find out now.

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