1. For how long do you live in this area?
    I am living here since I was born.
  2. Where are you from?

    Part of my family is from Spain, the other from the Black Forest.
  3. What do you esteem the most concerning your culture and origin?
    My bicultural background is a present my parents made to me. I was raised bilingual and can state two countries my home.
  4. If you could choose freely – where would you live?
    I would love to live in a warmer climate near a coast.
  5. …your most important fellow(s)?

    My family and close friends and all interesting people that come to my life in future.
  6. What does your cultural background mean to you personally?

    The fact that I grew up in two different cultures enriched my life and I am proud of it. I identify with both and notice the influence of each to my personality.
  7. Do you want to share some thoughts about living in a world of different backgrounds and cultures, i.e. anything you have learned about it?

    I am always curious about other people’s lifes. I believe that cultural diversity is important for the development of a society. Personally, I am convinced to broaden my horizon learning from other cultures, traditions and customs.

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