1. For how long do you live in this area?
    I live here for my whole life.
  2. Where are you from?
    I’m born in the Black Forest and grew up with my parents and my four siblings.
  3. What do you esteem the most concerning your culture and origin?
    I never thought much of what I esteem on my culture, maybe because I feel well where I live. To me, it is much more important how the people live their life -more than the so called “culture” they belong to.
  4. If you could choose freely – where would you live?
    At the time I feel quite free to decide where I want to live and so the answer is: I would live right here.
  5. …your most important fellow(s)?
    No idea. To me, important fellows depend on my present surrounding.
  6. What does your cultural background mean to you personally?
    Like I told before, I never thought much about my culture. I feel free to change my mind. And of course I know, my behavior and my thoughts are influenced by my surrounding (or my cultural background), but so what – it is a part of my life.
  7. Do you want to share some thoughts about living in a world of different backgrounds and cultures, i.e. anything you have learned about it?
    Mostly I learn from different expressions. Different people or different cultures force different expressions and at the time, while I feel free to choose my behavior within my background, I lock forward to new experiences. That means, I’m interested in people with another culture or another mindset and enjoy the possibility of a different view. On the other side, if I feel forced to change my life because of other conceptions, I rather try to take distance.

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