1. For how long do you live in this area?
    I live here since about 30 years – that is to say I was born in this place
  2. Where are you from?
    My great-grandparents once moved from Italy and Austria to this place. When we have a look at our family photo albums, they look as if they were from a small village in the very south of Italy. It seems that they lived together in one room and their kitchen may have been their living room and the epicenter of their lifes.
  3. What do you esteem the most concerning your culture and origin?
    I am very curious about styles of long ago. We live in a very open minded society where anyone can express himself as he/she is.
  4. If you could choose freely – where would you live?
    I’d like Italy, Canada but I love to live in this place.
  5. …your most important fellow(s)?
    My Family and friends.
  6. What does your cultural background mean to you personally?
    Freedom to express myself.
  7. Do you want to share some thoughts about living in a world of different backgrounds and cultures, i.e. anything you have learned about it?
    As our society is changing and is getting more and more multicultural, I see a challenge for us to get more open minded. Some people may have problems to accept this variety of mindsets but I hope that the majority realizes the opportunities to grow.

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